Re: Miro DC1 help wanted (and info re: Captivator)

Mike Bemis (
Mon, 11 Sep 95 12:08:43 -0700

>Can somebody help me to get my Miro DC1 working with CUCme? All I get is
>static as an image.
>Thanks in advance,

Hi Roland,

Bad won't work. I made the mistake of believing the list of cards
that "will work with CUSM" and bought the Miro DC1 (also known as DC1
TV)...after many frustrating hours I finally spoke with George at Miro tech
support who informed me that the DC1 is not compatible (he had dealt with
this before, I wasn't the first). The Miro 20TD is also not compatible.

George told me that the Miro D1 (different from the DC1) has been tested
successfully with CUSM. I have been unable to find the D1 so far. The PC
Mall, 1-800-555-MALL, carries the product but it's backordered, unknown
shipment date. Miro told me that their only retailer is Computer City. I
checked all the Computer City's in my area (So Calif) and they only had the
DC1 and 20TD...and don't plan on carrying the D1. Don't know if you can
order direct from Miro.

I moved on to pursue the Captivator from VideoLogic...however I've hit
another roadblock... talked with VideoLogic this morning and they have
_discontinued_ the Captivator. :-< I was told that their only resellers were
Tiger Software and the Internet Store. Tiger says out of stock (and
according to VideoLogic they are not shipping any more) and I haven't heard
back from the Internet Store yet. The guy I spoke to was very familiar with
CUSM and says he's been getting "zillions" of calls for the Captivator. I
told him this was a clue that maybe now isn't the time to discontinue it...

Very frustrating. I know the PC QuickCam is coming out, but I want to use
my camcorder so really don't need the extra camera.

Stay away from the Reveal doesn't work either. Neither does
StudioMagic for Windows. I'm convinced the local computer stores have a
poster of me up that says "don't sell to him, he'll bring it back!" <sigh>

I'm now in search of the Creative Labs VB SE100....

Hope this helps.


Mike Bemis
Lake Arrowhead, California USA
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