Re: Audio problem in 0.83b1?

Dave Jaksha (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 13:18:27 -0700

>I've just upgraded from 0.80b2 to 0.83b1 on my Macintosh IIci running
>System 7.1. Audio used to work fine in 0.80b2, but with 0.83b1 I get only
>about five seconds of audio and then it stops. If I click on the speaker
>icon to turn off sound and then immediately click on the speaker icon to
>turn the sound back on, I get, again, about five seconds of audio. This is
>repeatable. It almost seems like a buffer is filling to capacity. I read
>as many of the messages that are posted to the list as I can every day, but
>I may have missed messages pertaining to this problem. Are there known
>audio problems with this version or, if not, has anyone else experienced
>this? Thanks,


Steve, funny you should mention that. I upgraded on a Quadra 700 with
7.5.1. Same problem.