Re: Win/TV-Celebrity Card help

Bosco Kwok (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 18:38:47 -0500 (EDT)

In the original message of the author, John Gleissner said:
> After installation and setup the system checked out fine and we were able to
> use the capture utilities, etc. that came with the board.
> BUT, CU-Seeme only shows black gray and white stripes in the capture window.
It took me a few days to figure out how to use the Hauppauge Celebrity
(HighQ) with the CU-SeeMe, and some advice from Lewis and Albert Foo.
I have a Zenith Z-Select 486/66 PC with the cirrus logic SVGA monitor.
I have to make sure that Hauppauge Hardware is configured as follows,
before I start the CU-SeeMe:

The Video Format is 8-bit Palettized
The Image Dimension is 160x120 (1/4)
Use the AUX1 or Cable Channel 3 as input

The Win/TV MCI Video Overlay Driver is of Version 2.12a .
Most of the time, CU-Seeme only shows black gray and white stripes
in the capture/send window. The application diskette has a batch
file MCICLEAN.BAT . I used that and re-install the MCI driver via
the Control Panel, CU-Seeme starts to display the black/white picture.

I don't have to start the Celebrity (HighQ) software.
CU-SeeMe picks up the interface automatically (via MCI ?).

The CONFIG.SYS file under WfWg 3.11 has the line:

The 'Hardware Configuration' (Control Panel->Win/TV Overlay Control)
settings are:
I/O Port: 516h-51Fh
Memory Base: D000h
IRQ Level: IRQ 15
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