VBSE100 Capture Problem

Frank Sheldon (fsheldo@mailhost.hooked.net)
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 19:46:41 -0700

For the Creative Labs Video Blaster SE100, what is the set up for video
capture? When I activate CU-SeeMe I get the following messages. 1.
Capture driver not detected. 2. Invalid handle. 3. Invalid handle. The
CU-SeeMe window states: Initializing capture palette. When connected to a
reflector or directly to someone, my video window looks like marble fudge
ice cream.

I have in the windows\system.ini msvideo=se100cap.drv
I am running on a 486 DX2 PPP at 28.8. and using a Howard Enterprise
camera. I have checked the system and I am able to capture my image.
Anyone using this video card successfully please help me.

Thank you,

Frank Sheldon
Frank Sheldon   fsheldo@hooked.net