Duo Video problem

Warwick Schaffer (schaffer@fr.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
Wed, 13 Sep 95 06:09:45 -0900

I have:
A Duo 270c with a Dock (Ram 12meg, Int modem)
System 7.5 (English)
Connectix Quick Cam
Connection: Ethernet, Mac TCP.

The problem is that the video window won't come up. Quickpict works fine but if I try to
start CU-Seeme after using Using Quickpict it jams. If I start CU-Seeme without touching
Quickpict it starts up but without the video window. Preferences won't allow video to be

There are in fact 3 Duos here, two have this problem and one works fine.

We will by most greatful to anyone who can help us with this.

Warwick Schaffer and Takashi Abe.