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Here is the information file on the Connectix QuickCam for Windows,
supposedly due out next week (we shall see). I grabbed this directly
from Connectix's web page HTTP://WWW.CONNECTIX.COM

Using QuickCam (tm) for Windows is the easy way to make movies and take
pictures with your PC. QuickCam is the first affordable, easy-to-use digita=
still and video camera for Windows.

QuickCam uses direct digital imaging to create grayscale movies and still
pictures. The included software makes using the camera a snap. Use the imag=
you create in the programs supplied, or add your movies and pictures to
thousands of other Windows applications=96virtually anything that supports
Windows AVI movies or standard Windows BMP or TIFF images.

Installation is easy=96just plug in the cable, insert the disk and start th=
Setup utility. Seconds later, you're ready to create your first movie or ta=
your first picture. There's no need to take apart your computer, set switch=
or purchase additional hardware. QuickCam even works with portable computer=
that have a parallel port.


Make Movies

You supply the talent, QuickCam does the rest. Add video to your training
materials. Add moving images to your business presentations. Let your child=
put themselves into edutainment products like KidPix. Send mail with a vide=
o of
your new product in action. Record messages for your remote staff. QuickCam=
so convenient and easy to use you can decide to record video anytime or

Snap Pictures

QuickCam lets you instantly add pictures to any program that supports stand=
Windows BMP or TIFF images. Add photos to your documents and brochures. Dre=
up your newsletter. Put employee pictures on badges and in your employee
database. Catalog your valuables. Add product photographs to your
presentations. Create wallpaper for your desktop. Grab a starter image for =
with PhotoShop. And there's no long wait to see the image like there is wit=
other still digital cameras. QuickCam makes instant digital photography tru=
instant=96as easy as point and click!

Have Fun

Use the software included with QuickCam to put yourself in the picture.
QuickCam includes a screen saver with live video! Create a photo gallery fo=
your desktop. In addition, QuickCam software integrates perfectly with the =
so you can add live video and still images to all of your favorite Windows
applications. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


QuickCam Technology

QuickCam is a fully digital video camera. It uses a state-of-the-art, black=
white Charge-Coupled-Device (CCD) array to accurately capture 6-bit graysca=
video and still images. QuickCam sends these digital bits directly to your =
through a parallel port, such as your computer's built-in printer port. Thi=
gives you higher quality at a lower cost than solutions that convert to ana=
video and back. The array can capture images up to 320x240 pixels, or about=
quarter of a standard VGA monitor.

QuickCam's 3.6mm lens has a 65 degree field of view, about the same as a ca=
with a wide-angle lens (equivalent to a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera). Focus =
fixed from 18" to infinity. Frame rates are up to 15 per second for a 160x1=
pixel image (may be limited by the performance of your PC). Exposure under
normal office lighting is 1/60th of a second and brightness control adjustm=
are easy to make. QuickCam connects to your PC's parallel port using the 5'
cable supplied; power is taken directly from the port.


Standard Features

* CCD-based digital video camera
* Resolution up to 320x240 pixels
* Windows-based movie recorder and editor
* Windows-based still picture capture utility
* After Dark=99 compatible video screen saver module
* Microsoft Video for Windows included
* Camera stand
* Tripod socket for permanent mounting capability



* PC equipped with a 386, 486, Pentium or equivalent processor.
* Windows 3.1 or 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.1 or 3.11.
* Standard 25-pin parallel port (for example, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3).
* 4 MB RAM required.
* Hard disk required to store movies.
* Sound card (for example, SoundBlaster) required for audio in movies.

Connectix provides toll-free technical support and a satisfaction guarantee=
all its products.


Connectix Corporation

2655 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
FAX: 415-571-5195

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Copyright =A9 1995 Connectix Corporation. RAM Doubler and QuickCam are trad=
of Connectix Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respec=


I don't support, endorse, work for, care about, etc etc the Connectix
company. I am anxiously awaiting my own quickcam though! :)

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