Re: Quickcam (Mac and Windows)

Larry Chace (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 22:44:53 -0400

Current and potential QuickCam users may find the following interesting:

1. For the Mac, you will need version 1.0.3 (or better, if it exists) of
the QuickCam extentions in order for the QuickCam microphone to work. You
will also need a 0.83b (or better) version of CU-SeeMe. If you have
earlier versions of either component, then the QuickCam audio will *appear*
to work (the "VU" meter will move as if it is "hearing" you) but it will
not in fact work.

2. For Windows, you should be aware that Cornell does not yet have a
QuickCam for Windows and we therefore have not tested it with CU-SeeMe for
Windows. We have been in contact with folks at Connectix and we hope to
have a QuickCam "real soon now". If you purchase such a camera before we
have tested it and have announced that it works, then please do not
complain if you experience difficulties.

Thank you all for your continued patience. As "self-selected beta testers"
you play a very important role in the development process.

Larry Chace ( Member, CU-SeeMe development team.