Re: Audio Only?

Rogene Talento (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 21:24:09 -0700

At 02:09 AM 9/13/95 -0500, Greg Schwartz wrote:

>Netphone is not yet cross platform, but I got a message from Emagic
>saying they should have a Windows version out by the end of the year.
>Until then, unless you have a high bandwith connection (ISDN or
>higher), there's nothing terribly reliable out there. . .

I got a similar message from the Iphone makers that their Mac version would
be released late this year or early next. The first to do so may very well
grab the market, because everyone knows of the current demand.

In the meantime, while CU-seeme audio may not be reliable at anything less
that ISDN, it IS usuable at 28.8. I've saved a LITTLE on long distance this

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