Polly, NYSERNet birdcam fly coop

Jean Armour Polly (jpolly@nysernet.org)
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 11:45:56 -0400

Greetings birdcam and NYSERNet reflector fans--

This is to let you know as of tomorrow I am resigning from NYSERNet to
write a book for children called The Internet Yellow Pages for Kids. It
will be published by Osborne-McGraw-Hill in the Spring.

Maybe I'll CU sometime again, and the birdcam can resurface, if I can get
bonded ISDN to my house (I don't have a "last mile" problem, I have a "last
18,000 feet" problem, sigh).

This should not affect the reflector, which NYSERNet will continue to
support, I hope.

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