re: HP-UX Reflector Configuration (and NV bug fix)

David S. Dworkin (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 11:30:39 -0400

Hi Jim,

We have fixed this problem in the B3 release. We believe that we have also fixed the
NV connectivity problem that people have been having with the 4.0 reflectors.

We are currently doing a bit more bug-fixing and general cleanups, and hope to distribute
4.00B3 on our FTP site (with a mirror at cornell) some time next week. I will make an
announcement on this mailing list when B3 is ready for FTP-ing.


David Dworkin
White Pine Software

> After using the 0.83b1 client to connect to a number of
> reflectors, it appears that there may be some problems with the
> HP-UX version of the reflector (4.00b2). (Sun reflectors work ok)
> The problem could be in the reflect.config file or in the actual
> code as it is available at
> Could someone provide a simple reflect.config example which would
> allow client ver 0.83b1 to connect. We are currently using UNI-
> CAST to connect reflectors between two sites.
> At this time, if a 0.83b1 client connects, the reflector goes down
> almost immediately.
> Jim Jarrard
> DoD Education Activity