Introduction & questions

John Pilgrim (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 20:44:23 -0800


I'm a technology resource teacher at a public middle school in San Francisco CA.
We have a dedicated 56kbps frame relay connection to the internet, with
10BaseT hubs and NICs. We're 50% Macintosh and 50% Apple IIe's, and of the
Macs 50% of them are on the Ethernet.

We have one QuickCam, one Quadra 660av, and a IIci with a VideoSpigot card.

I can't seem to get the quickcam to broadcast video thru CUSeeMe. When I
run CUSeeMe, I get the dialog box:
I found digitizer component,
but am unable to digitize.
Continue in receive-only mode?
What's up with this?

Also, I know I saw on another mailing list recently the IP addresses of
several sites that broadcast fairly frequently. Can someone send me some
suggestions? Also a URL for the CUSeeMe FAQ?



Technology & SB1274 Resource Teacher email:
Horace Mann Academic Middle School AOL: Bharati (Pls no mail here.)
San Francisco Unified School District vox: 415-695-5881
3351 Twenty Third Street fax: 415-695-5884
San Francisco, California 94110, USA