LIVE Internet and MBONE Broadcasts of INTEROP+NETWORLD Keynote Addresses

David O. Bundy (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 17:51:00 -0400

INTEROP+NETWORLD Keynote Addresses Atlanta '95
LIVE Internet and MBONE Broadcasts Via CU-SeeMe

White Pine Software in conjunction with NetWorld+Interop, will be hosting a
real-time broadcast of the four keynote speeches and some special
conference sessions via CU-SeeMe! CU-SeeMe was developed by Cornell
University, and as Master Licensee, White Pine continues to introduce the
technology to Internet users by broadcasting global events such as

The details:

Wed 27-Sep 13:00 -> 18:00 GMT Keynote Addresses from NETWORLD+INTEROP 95 in Atlanta

First day Includes:
Wed 27-Sep '95
9:00 -> 10:00 am EST
Multimedia and the Public Network
John T. Chambers
President and CEO,
Cisco Systems Inc.

12:15 -> 1:15 pm EST
Pervasive Computing
Sheldon J. Laube
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer,
Novell Inc.

Thur 28-Sep 13:00 -> 18:00 GMT Keynote Addresses from NETWORLD+INTEROP 95 in Atlanta

Second day Includes:
Thur 28-Sep '95
9:00 -> 10:00 am EST
Strategies and Technologies for Distributed Computing and Networking
Jim Allchin
Senior Vice President, Business Systems Division,
Microsoft Corporation

12:15 -> 1:15 pm EST
Public Parks for the Global Village: The Internet 1996 World Exposition
Carl Malamud
Internet Multicasting Service

Internet and MBONE users can view live broadcasts from NetWorld+Interop in
Atlanta on September 27 and 28 from 9:00am-2:00pm EST each day. The broadcast
will be advertized via "sd" and available to all NV, and VAT users on the MBONE
using the CU-SeeMe encoding.

For non-MBONE CU-SeeMe and NV users, White Pine will announce and display
available reflector connection sites on the Cornell mailing list and White
Pine's web page

If you do not have CU-SeeMe but have a Mac or PC, you can still access the
broadcasts by downloading CU-SeeMe from White Pine's web
site: Viewers need a 28.8k or higher
connection to the Internet or MBONE to see the event and an audio capable
machine to hear it.

Willing MBONE and Internet reflector sites please contact me if you wish
to participate in the broadcast.

Please email me, "", for further information.

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