CUSM .70b1 (pc) no audio

Johan Stokman (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 18:40:36 -0500

Hi all
I am running CUSM on two pc's (generic 486-66) with soundblaster 16 in both
and captivator video board in one, the other machine has the intel smart
video recorder(which gives negative upside down images in CUSM) both
machines are part of a ethernet LAN. I can get images accros and am in the
process of implementing the reflector on a third (Linux) machine on the same
Sending audio will move the meter, say transmitting but the other machine
(point to point with trumpet sockets) will only occasionaly 'fart'. Video
works great, I changed all settings up and down, but no luck. Any
suggestions or fixes greatly appreciated.
regards johan
P.S. Tiger direct sells Quick Cam (PC paralel) for $95 + SH, I ordered some.