Club Pepsi Max

Jean Armour Polly (
Sat, 16 Sep 1995 11:40:34 -0400 (EDT)

Before I left my beloved T-3 link at NYSERNet I did check out this site,
which purports to have Cindy Crawford via CU SeeMe.
The site is extremely slow and is in France. They are running a contest
and the prize is a week or so in Orlando with Cindy Crawford, Andre
Agassi, etc etc. There is a lengthly description as part of the entry
form, you have to go thru screen after screen of annoying things like
"ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE READY FOR THIS???" and read the description of each
days' events (windsurfing, volleyball, etc.) Apparently Pepsi is behind
it all. Crawford will apparently be on CU SeeMe as part of this event,
first week of October I think it was.
At T-3 it took about 20 minutes to getthru the entire entry form. The
site is cute and obviously around to stay, but you have to REALLY want to
play volleyball with Cindy Crawford to persevere all the way to the end.
Me, I'd rather go to Disney World. ;-)