miroVideo D1 picture problems - HEEEELLLLPPPPP!

From Robert Krevh... (krevh@uni-mb.si)
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 16:42:31 +0200


> Bryan Miller (miller@greenlight.tamu.edu) wrote (part of):
> miroVideo DC1 - Another nice card, CU-SeeMe saw that the card was
> installed and brought up a local video window, but
> the window only displayed static. I spent a lot
> of time trying to make CU-SeeMe work with this card,
> and would have spent a lot more had Mike Bemis
> not posted his reply to another individual who was
> having trouble with the same board. For those who
> did not read Mike's message, the DC1 does NOT work
> w/ CU-SeeMe. The miroVideo D1 does. Thanks Mike!

I heard the same thing, and thus acquired D1 for testing. I should have
a video link up and running in two days, but I have a problem.
If you worked with miroVideo D1, could you please tell me, how to set
it up? I get horizontal lines (well, not quite horizontal, they are a bit
under an angle of 5 degrees), but no picture. if I change position of the
camera, lines move and change color, so CuSeeMe is receiving video, but not
in the right format. So, is there a manual setting to be entered into
cuseeme.ini file?
Please, help me, time is running out for me.

Almost forgot: I am running Windows 95, so if this is a problem, i'll
check it out, if not, I need an advice, fast.


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