Slow frame rate on local reflectors

From Robert Krevh... (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 18:42:48 +0200


I finally managed to get picture from my camera on a CU-SeeMe, using
miroVideo D1 capture card. For anyone, who had problems with a set-up,
a small hint. You must specify correct window size in Video Format to
160x120 pixels, because Cu-Seeme just can't set it up himself.
Go figure.

Now, another problem. I compiled a reflector on HP-UX 400, SGI Indy and
Linux (Pentium 100, ASUS Triton), started it, but frame rates are awful.
I get 1 or 2 frames per second, although we have 10Mbit network. HP is
on the same network segment, other two are connected across network
Than I connected to a site in Norway ( am situated in Slovenia,
University of Maribor), and got 80bps and a bunch of other senders who
all transmited with about 30kbps. Of course, I got booted of the reflector,
because they have 40bps limit. Anyway, can someone tell me, if there are
some special setup for faster packet transfer?

Reflector I am using is 3.00b3.

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