Re: PC Farts

Johan Stokman (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 13:39:59 -0500

CUSM does audio now on a PC and quit well. It turned out to be a problem
with full duplex handling on my half duplex sound blaster. After "setting"
it to half duplex, automaticaly by CUSM, you have to "manually" reset the
sound card (reboot the machine) for it to work. Sound is great, no
distortion on speech. I have not tried it yet on RS232, am still testing it
all out on my LAN, we all know it is sort of primitive, but hey for under
$200 in equipment I can SEE who I am talking to and talk for, almost, free
al over the world. You got to love that. After I got my reflector installed
I'll just use a small dedicated machine running Windows 3.11, as a telephone
on my linux box.

>>Hi all
>>I am running CUSM on two pc's (generic 486-66) with soundblaster 16 in both
>>and captivator video board in one, the other machine has the intel smart
>>video recorder(which gives negative upside down images in CUSM) both
>>machines are part of a ethernet LAN. I can get images accros and am in the
>>process of implementing the reflector on a third (Linux) machine on the same
>>Sending audio will move the meter, say transmitting but the other machine
>>(point to point with trumpet sockets) will only occasionaly 'fart'.
>Unless there's a brand new version, PC CU-SeeMe doesn't do audio, except,
>of course, the occasional flatulence associated with the Windows95