Re: CUSEEME in Europe

Peter Peck (
Mon, 18 Sep 1995 20:51:37 -0400

>>trying to band products like Netphone and InternetPhone because
>>they threaten the survival of their phone companies.
>>Any one knows more about this ?

>I don't believe it had anything to do with Netphone. I believe it had to
>do with too many people using CUSEEME in European countries where the
>service providers simply couldn't handle the bandwidth requirements of
>hundreds (or thousands) of people using CUSEEME. It simply was too much
>for the machines to handle the load. I thought there was some discussion
>on this subject here on the list before summertime.

Hi - I think we are starting to see this effect here in the good old USA. I
understand some ISP's are banning the use of cuseeme on their networks. I
think one in or around Hershy, PA has this ban. Maybe others can respond if
they know of others. The whole system for charging for use of the net.
will eventually be overhauled with some sort of packet use metering. The
concept of charging for distance rather than bandwidth ( ie the phone
system) is surely out of step with the digital age. Gonna take a while to
change as the old system is so well entrenched and there will be lots of
losers and of course a few winners. ;-)

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