Re: Point to point connection via a phone line

Chuck Elliot (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 11:34:25 -0400

I have managed to set up SLIP (Trumpet & LWP) connections between PC's direct
over phone lines using fake IP numbers. I see no reason why
CUSM should not work over such a link, so long as CUSM is happy
about its hostname resolution via local hosts file.


>From: (Chuck Elliot)
>Subject: Re: Point to point connection via a phone line
>>I have heard about people having tested with success CU-SeeMe thru a phone
>>line using 2 Macs.
>>Mac <--> modem <----------> modem <--> Mac
>> phone line
>>I would like to test it with PCs. Before adquiring expensive materials, I am
>>looking for some ideas about it? If it works with Macs, why not with PCs?
>>There is no problem for connecting Windows sockets compliant TCP/IP stack
>>(Trumpet Winsock), but what about CU-SeeMe in this kind of point to point
>>connection ?
>> Edgar.
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