Re: PC audio with Quickcam
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 11:28:04 -0700

Well that's one area that I have been prepping a little ahead on. I
have been working with the different PCMCIA sound cards that are
currently available. So far I was able to try the Media Vision and New
Media's Sound SCSI Combo. I wasted most of my day on Saturday trying
to install the Media Vision card, and was never able to get it to
install in a configuration that did not lock my system up. It's now
sitting on my office floor waiting to be returned to the place of
purchase. The following Sunday Afternoon I purchased the New Media
card and within an hour had a complete plug and play setup working
with my system including hooking to a portable Reno CD player (the
best thing Media Vision ever produced). The New Media sound card works
great with CUSEEME and almost all of the Games that I have tried with
it. Now all I need is for my supplier to deliver the QuickCams that I
have on order, and I'll be in business! Does Connectix have any
advanced information on what will be required to install it on a
Windows system? I would like to make sure that I have the appropriate
IRQ's and memory available, so I can dive in and be working as soon as
I have it.

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Subject: PC audio with Quickcam
Author: at ccmail_internet
Date: 8/29/95 9:29 AM

Dear All,
I have been thinking about what the advantages will be when we can
get the Quickcam for the Windows version. Obviously we won't need to rip the
PC appart to move the digitiser card to another office, or take it home. A
major advantage could be that you can use CU-SeeMe with laptops, which don't
have an expansion slot for a digitiser card, but how would that leave you
with audio?
Does the Quickcam built in microphone simply have a jack-plug for
the sound card? Are there laptops available with a built in sound card?

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