Re[2]: PC audio with Quickcam
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 11:27:25 -0700

I also purchased the portable Sound Plus from DSP and have been using
for the last 8 months or so with my NEC laptop. It has a couple of
aberrations. Although it has a printer pass through, I have never
successfully been able to print while it was attached. Since it is
attached to the parallel port it has a lower priority and a lower
throughput then standard sound cards. When using it while I was still
running Drive Space, the sound tended to stop and start a lot and be
somewhat out of sync with whatever application was driving it. It also
tended not to be bi-directional. I was never able to get sound in
while it was putting sound out. As a lurker solution for CUSEEME it
work fine but a bit jerky. Since the QuickCam is also supposed to be
attached via the parallel port, I figured that if it was having that
much trouble with just sound through the port, that adding video also
would cause the poor thing to go into complete overload. I have since
switched to a PCMCIA based sound card from New Media that works 100%

Nothing against the Portable Sound. It was the best thing out there
for Laptops until the PCMCIA solutions got their act together.

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Subject: Re: PC audio with Quickcam
Author: at ccmail_internet
Date: 8/29/95 1:41 PM

Ok, but isn't the printer port where the Quickcam goes?

At 06:22 29-08-95 -0500, Roger Lee Boston wrote:
>There is a sound attachemnt for 130.00 which I bought and am pleased with
>. plugs into your parallel port and you can STILL plug in a printer. It
>is "Portable Sound Plus" from DSP solutions on the west coast.
>On Tue, 29 Aug 1995, Ian Carr-de Avelon wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I have been thinking about what the advantages will be when we can
>> get the Quickcam for the Windows version. Obviously we won't need to rip the
>> PC appart to move the digitiser card to another office, or take it home. A
>> major advantage could be that you can use CU-SeeMe with laptops, which don't
>> have an expansion slot for a digitiser card, but how would that leave you
>> with audio?
>> Does the Quickcam built in microphone simply have a jack-plug for
>> the sound card? Are there laptops available with a built in sound card?
>> Yours
>> Ian
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