Has anyone usable QuickCam audio on a Mac fx or other Mac?

Ko s (ko@knoware.nl)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 13:32:33 +0200

I need QuickCam Audio to work on my natural deaf Mac IIfx

In response to my previous post Subject: Mac QuickCam Audio quality?

Only one report came in; a Mac IIcx in combination with a Reflector could
use the QuickCam audio.

Also my Powerbook 160 if I select the QuickCam Audio as sound-source has
the same garbled stuttering sound transmission.

I'v fidled with CU-SeeMe params ofcourse

I connect the two CU-SeeMe front-ends via localtalk.

I am using all the latest versions; drivers, CUSM

QuickCam Audio works OK with other sound using application as far as I
could check.

Is it this resampling from 5,* to 8 kH that doesn't work on my machine(s) ?
FPU (type) dependent?