using cuseeme through a firewall/proxy support (repost)

Joseph K. Vossen (
Tue, 19 Sep 95 08:32:40 -0400

I have not received any information on this so pardon the repost.

My company's network is attached to the internet using a firewall.
The firewall is based on FreeBSD using TIS's firewall kit.
Currently, we have proxy support for http, ftp, and gopher.

I have cuseeme running internally on the corp network. When I try to
connect to a host that resides on the other side of the firewall I do
not get a connection. I assume that I need a proxy for cuseeme in
order to make this work. Has anyone been able to get cuseeme running
through a firewall? If so, I would love to hear how you did it.

I assume I need a proxy. If you have such a beast or can provide me
the information I need about the protocol so that I can write one in
house, I would be grateful.

Does anyone know if a future version of cuseeme will provide for
proxy support? With the increasing attention now being spent on
network security and the fact that more companies are installing
firewalls, I would think that this would be a high priority item.

thanks in advance for any and all help.



Joe Vossen