CU-SeeMe Locks Up

90FS/SCM MSgt Robert J. Moore (
Tue, 19 Sep 95 13:35:00 PDT

Hi , please help.
I am running CU-SeeMe on an IBM Clone 486DX 75 16 MB RAM I've run the
program under both WFW 3.11 and Windows 95 w/same problem. I have 56k
connectionon to our LAN which gives us our internet access. The problem is
that CU-SeeMe just dies giving me some general protection fault caused by
cuseeme .exe. It also shows a bunch of numbers or code that I don't
understand. Right now I am just trying to view video from some different
reflectors, no sound. I have everything on order to make this full up but I
don't know if it will be worth it if it keeps locking up. Also when I
connect to NASATVme it usually won't lock up but when I tried to connect to
a reflector in Italy,, I get the initial screen then the
viewing window starts to come up then the whole thing dies. The same thing
happens on most other reflectors I connect to. Please help I'm supposed
to be showing my boss this by the end of next week. Thank you

Robert Moore
Anchorage Alaska