Re: QwickCam for Windows 95.

David O. Bundy (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 20:09:08 -0400

It is in BETA now and We are testing with it.
We need to Add to CU-SeeMe to support it's only 4 and 6 bit grayscale modes
and release the changes, without that it does work but is Dim. Connectix
should be releaseing the camera soon, but I have not heard a certain date yet.

Hope that helps,
Dave B.

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> Can anyone tell me where would be a good place to purchase a Windows
>version of QwickCam? I live in San Luis Opispo County in California, but I
>will be traveling to Las Vegas Nevada in October.
> Also is a video capture card required to transmit video on cu-seeme with
> Thanks
> Joe

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