Re: Hardware Suggestions

Chuck Elliot (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 10:13:18 -0400

cheapest option is Connectix Quickcam for PC just out.
No capture card needed, plugs into parallel port direct.
sells in u.s. for $99

Next best: Videologic Captivator card + any PAL, NTSC or SECAM
camera - cheap CCD devices are available - or use a camcorder.

>Open for suggestions...
>Am new to CU-SEEME. Have the software but until now have been only
>a lurker. Am interested in what I need -- suggested brand names for
>cameras, peripherals, etc. -- what DO I need?
>I Have: a 486, 33MHz, EISA, 8 Meg Memory, Diamond Speedstar video
>board, Sound Blaster 16 w/Sony stereo speakers. What are most people
>using? If I get the camera, does a "supplemental" video card come with
>it or will I have to completely swap out my existing video card? [Info
>on where to get whatever specific hardware is suggested will be helpful.
>CompUSA, for example, has NO video cameras -- at least the one in my
>neck of the woods].
>Any help or experience based suggestions will be appreciated.
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