MAC <<>>PC @ 28,800

Rick Collins (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 18:10:47 -0230

Yes. It works. A matter of fact it worked much better than I would =
have hoped for such bandwidth. We tested yesterday afternoon and =
although the video was slow the audio held up better then I've ever =
heard from the Cornell reflector. Our connection is T3 off Newfoundland =
and I call up Cornell direct. =20

In this test we used a Pentium 90 running Windows version .83 (??latest) =
with a trumpet stack for slip connection with a USRobotics 28,800 V34 =
external through a campus terminal server and MAC version .80b1 in our =
department on ethernet. Although we spent most of our time getting the =
PC to set audio levels correctly (SB16) we could have even reduced the =
video a bit more to get "perfect" (16kdelta mode) audio.

Tomorrow we'll be set up and running through our experimental reflector =
(the one we play with) at if you care to have a look at =
our campus expo. Drop by. 10am-5pm local Thurs. and Fri.

Keep it up guys! It's getting better and better.