Re: transmit MBONE stream to cu-seeme?

Jung Joowon (
Thu, 21 Sep 1995 14:14:15 +0900 (JST)

> Anyone know how MBONE stream(Video/Audio) transmit to cu-seem via reflector?
> I have Solaris 2.4, SunVideo board and reflector.
> I know that reflector can send nv stream to cu-seeme(Windows version)?
> But it does not work, I can't see anything.
> help me.

You should configure reflect.conf in CU-SeeMe reflector...
(reflect.conf file in CU-SeeMe reflector version 4.0b2 has a lot of comments.
please refer to it... Keyword: NV-* VAT-*)


You MUST transmit the voice in DVI format, and the movie in CU-SeeMe format
(Grayscale) with *SMALL* size in vat and nv.

I tried reflector 3.0b3, 4.0b2, 4.0b2.1 and CU-SeeMe 0.6x and 0.7x.
Reflector version 4.x dumps core when vat and CU-SeeMe works cooperatively.
But 3.0b3 does not.

If only one CU-SeeMe client and MBONE application is connected to a
reflector, the output (video/audio) of CU-SeeMe does not transferred
to MBONE application. (I guess the reflector misunderstand that just
one client connected. - "So, I'm not transfer the data of client to
anyone (including vat).") But, two or more CU-SeeMe clients, it works.

This is the all of my experience.

Hope this helps...

-Jung Joowon

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