Re[2]: Reflector list?

Michael Sweger (
Thu, 21 Sep 95 08:22:21 EDT

Yes, you're right! I forgot about this myself.

I had filled out the digicash form to get their software a
week ago whereby I would be emailed the username and password to
get the stuff. I didn't receive anything. I then emailed and also haven't received any email concerning
the problem.

For those of you out there I suggest bypassing the formality of
downloading the digicash software and use your web browsers to save
the information into a file at the following address.

The address is for the Windows file:

For MAC types the address is:

Both files should contain the same data.

Happy reflecting!

Mike Sweger

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You can easily bypass the Digicash on Michael's web pages by looking at the
source and pulling out the HREF address. Type that directly into your
browser and poof, the document will be downloaded for free.

At 02:23 PM 9/20/95 EDT, Preston F. Crow wrote:
>Will someone mail out a copy of the reflector list? I don't have time to
>mess with the digicash software (or their disorganized www pages) in order
>to get a copy from Michael Sattler's web site.