RE: Seeking OS/2 User of CUSEEME

Steve Womble (
Thu, 21 Sep 95 09:57:40 -0600

Alfred Anderson writes:

> I have CUSEEME running in a WINOS2 session under OS/2 2.11 without any video
> or audio support. I can see reflected images quite well.
> I would like to add hardware for both video and audio processing.
> Can anyone recommend video and audio hardware that they know function with
> CUSEEME in the WINOS2 environment?
> Alfred


It shouldn't matter that you are running WIN-OS2 or Windows. What does
matter is the platform you are running on.

If you are using an ISA-bus system, then you can use any video/audio
card that works with CU-SeeMe. I have a several WIN-OS2 systems
sending video and we use Creative Labs FS200 and VideoLogic Captivator
cards. I don't have audio running on my systems yet, but you should
be able to use a card capatible with SoundBlaster.

If your system is Micro-channel architecture ;-( then there are no
video cards that I know will work with CU-SeeMe and I don't know enough
about the audio cards to tell you if there are ones available or not.
Another alternative for video capability on MCA machines is to wait for
the Connectix cameras for PCs which should work with MCA based systems
and other previously non-video sending systems such as laptops and
UNIX systems running a Windows emulator. (anxiously awaiting my order)

Hope this helps.

Steve Womble