Re: Reveal TV500

Bob Quinn (
Thu, 21 Sep 95 10:58:13 EDT

> >> I was wondering if anyone else has tried to use CuSM with the Reveal TV500.
> >> I am able to send video by hooking a camcorder into the video jacks but the
> >> picture shown by CuSM is negative B&W. Is this a problem with CuSM or is it
> >> a problem with my equipment. I am using a Sony Handycam.
> >
> >I have the same problem with my Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro,
> >and so do other cards with drivers that don't support the CuSeeme
> >application defined pallet. The folk at White Pine Software tell
> >me that they will have a work-around for this driver limitation RSN.
> This has been discussed before. The TV500 does on-board compression that
> causes the inverse-video, and as of about a month ago the only work-around
> was a camera that could invert the image pallet. For this reason I bought a
> store's 1 remaining TV300, which works fine.

Not to quibble or anything, but as I understand it the on-board
compression does not cause an inverse image. Compression of the
image makes it incomprehensible to CuSeeme; it prefers a raw
video stream. For example, I get snow rather than the inverse
image when I enable compression (Indeo 3.2) on my ISVR Pro.


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