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>> This has been discussed before. The TV500 does on-board compression that
>> causes the inverse-video, and as of about a month ago the only work-around
>> was a camera that could invert the image pallet. For this reason I bought a
>> store's 1 remaining TV300, which works fine.
>Not to quibble or anything, but as I understand it the on-board
>compression does not cause an inverse image. Compression of the
>image makes it incomprehensible to CuSeeme; it prefers a raw
>video stream. For example, I get snow rather than the inverse
>image when I enable compression (Indeo 3.2) on my ISVR Pro.

That very well could be. The following appeared on the list some time ago,
along with some discussion as to whether the card could be cajoled into
working. I think this was the nail in the coffin, so to speak, and it was on
this that I based the above reply.

Another caveat: when I did get a TV300, it didn't support my PCI bus video
card. Just a friendly warning from someone who didn't think to ask...

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>Did you ever get the Reveal TV500 to not produce the 'negative' image with
>CUSEEME? If so, what was the fix?

I was told that the 'negative' image was due to hardware compression. As a
result, no software upgrades could fix the problem. I was quite
disappointed. The TV500 is a really nice product. However, that single
shortcoming was enough to prompt me to seek a different video board.

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