One-Way CuSeeMe?

Roger Lee Boston (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 17:13:32 -0500 (CDT)

OK we are all trying to get better throughput at 28.8 in the windows
community, right? I am chewing on a hybrid idea which might be promising
but don't know whether it would work:

1. Attempt CuSeeMe ONE WAY ONLY as a transmission -- could this be done
and if so would it double the performance i/t/o frames/sec, sent audio?
2. Do the RECEIVING using the DIRECPC satellite connection taking the
far end transmissions at 400,000 bits/sec.

If this combination would work a lecture could be uplinked at high data
rates and delivered to the students-at-a-distance at a very high data
rate (400KBS) and they would have a one-way path back to the instructor
at (twice?) what is now being experienced on a 28.8 dialup PPP?

Is such a thing as one-way CuSeeME sound/video possible point to point or
otherwise? And if so could not half-fuplex CU exchanges something like
the old short wave conversations be better than no effective voice/video
at all?