Computer Eyes R/T

M. Sullivan (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 14:55:09 -0500

I have installed Computer Eyes R/T in order to use CU-SEEME. It had been
reported to
work well with CU-SEEME as well as other similar programs. While the
software that
comes with Computer Eyes R/T appears to work properly, the board does not
seem to work with
CU-SEEME, Vidcall or Vidcap. In every case, the top portion of the screen
blanks out (turns white) once or twice
a second and then it returns to normal. I have spoken with support from
Vidcall and Computer Eyes.
The Vidcall support person took me through a series of steps and concluded
that, because the card did
not work with Vidcap, Vidcall and CU-SEEME, it must be a problem with the
card. That
seems reasonable to me.

I also have a sounblaster card and a CD ROM installed. I would appreciate
any advice. I am going to
try to return the card if I cannot get it to work with these programs.

Thank you,

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