Re: Refector installation problems on SGI Indy

From Robert Krevh... (
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 00:02:19 +0200

At 20:49 22. 9. 1995 -0700, Steev His wrote:
>This seems like a stupid question, because I thought
>that this has been done before. But, I'm trying to
>get the reflector program going on an SGI Indy.
>Its Irix System V.4. I downloaded the IRIX zip file from
>the ftp site, unzipped it, untarred it, set up a config
>file, etc. But, I can't get the reflect executable to
>run. Keeps giving me a segmentation fault.
>Any suggestions? thanx...

You could get source files, prepared for SGI from,
directory pub/CU-SeeMe/Reflector. There are 3.00b3 and 4.00b2 version,
so choose 3.0, if you want NV connections, or 4.0 if not, because 4.0b2
has a bug, which crashes reflector when used with nv and vat.
But there is a 4.00b3 somewhere, don't know yet where. If you need it,
I'll inform you when I find it.

I have a colleague who is running reflector (both 3.0 and 4.0 version) on
a SGI Indy. Don't know exactly what's the system version (it has something
to do with 5.2, if I am not wrong).
If I am not wrong, I also had problems with pre-compiled version of
Compiling it solved the problem.

Hope this is of some help.


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