CU SeeMe won't open
Sat, 23 Sep 1995 15:24:35 -0700

What a wonderful program (CU SeeMe) !!! I've read about it--down loaded it
and I'm trying to get it up and running. Alas I can't seem to "open" it. I
have a PowerMac 6100/60 AV running sys 7.5 and the version I've downloaded
is 0.83b1 (PPC).bin. When I try to open it I get an error message " can't
open MacTCP err=-43" then I click "ok" ( it's the only choice I have) and I
get the error message " sorry a system error occurred "CU-SeeMe-0.83b1
(PPC).bin" error type 11" then I click "reset" ( again my only choice ) and
the computer shuts down and restarts.----Any ideas?????
I access the net thru AOL and eWorld and not directly ( I don't know how) is
this the problem???
I'm new at this online stuff---I'm probably missing something really
basic---I was hopping to buy my mom ( she lives in Det., we are in Hawaii and
my brother in Calif ) a new AV Mac with an ISDN line, Quick Cam, etc. for
Christmass so we could video conferance with her ( we all have access to
ISDN) , will this work???? I guess to go 3 way we need to use a reflector??
If I sound like an excited kid with a new toy --- well I'm 52 yrs old and I
have'nt been this excited about a new product since I got that '57 Chevy many
years ago!!

Thanks for any help you can provide ( I'll buy you all a beer if your ever in
Take care
Paul Sullivan