New CU-SeeMe Consortium Members

Martyne Hallgren (
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 15:40:36 -0400

I am very pleased to announce our newest
CU-SeeMe Consortium Members.

* Tandem Computers Europe - Germany (First Member in Europe)

* National University of Singapore (First Member in the Pacific Basin)

* SWITCH (Swiss Academic and Research Network) (First ISP in Europe)

It is through the support and participation of our members
that the CU-SeeMe project and Consortium can fulfill their goals
of delivering innovative solutions for real-time videoconferencing
on the Internet and supporting wide-spread user experience and
professional collaboration.

Martyne M. Hallgren
Executive Director
CU-SeeMe Consortium

For more information on the CU-SeeMe Consortium, contact
me at; 607-254-8324