PowerMac 7500/100 problems

Robert E. Frasure (bobfra@amug.org)
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 18:00:22 -0600

Basicly said, I got a brand new Powermac 7500/100 computer with a standard apple
video input. All of my old and new video input programs work, and I'm using PPP
2.2.0a (and I've tried 2.1.2sd if it really makes a difference), open transport
1.0.7, and I've tried all of the latest and the oldest CU-SeeMe programs out
there but for some reason CU-SeeMe will not recognize the fact that I have apple
standard video in! When I start up cu-see me, it acts as if I have nothing
plugged in. My older AV powermacintosh worked perfectly with cu-see me, but this
computer doesn't. Does anyone out there have any solutions?

problem #2
when I connect to a reflector site, I can stay on for a few minutes maximum,
then it will time me out, and that is with all of the versions of cu-seeme and

I'll be glad to take any and all of the help that I can get.