Re: Negative image?

Rogene Talento (
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 23:50:21 -0700

At 12:56 AM 9/23/95 -0700, CyneWolf wrote:

>I have recently downloaded a copy of cu-seeme (version 0.70b1).
>I have a Reveal TV500 video capture card, and a Sony camcorder. That
>combination works fine for other things I've done. But with CU-SEEME
>I get a negative image instead of a normal b&w.
>Is this something someone else has experienced?
>TV300 was listed as compatible... maybe TV500 isn't?

Yes, that is correct. The TV-500 has a known bug of producing negative
video with CU-Seeme. The TV-300 works correctly. Other than having an old
camera with a reverse video switch, there is no known fix...

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