RE: Help me, please.

Ledwith, Steven x1424 (!
Mon, 25 Sep 95 13:44:00 PDT

Yes, you can use AOL with cu-seeme. Log on to AOL and go to the Internet
section. Download AOL's winsock.dll and follow the installation
instructions. Also download wsping. In the same directory that you place
your winsock.dll add a file called hosts with no extension. You can create
it in notepad. It needs to contain your IP address and a name on the first
line. AOL will give you a different IP address every time you log on. Use
the folowing sequence:

1 - log on to AOL
2 - run wsping to get your IP address
3 - edit the IP address in your hosts file to match the one from wsping
4 - run cu-seeme

Subject: Help me, please.
Date: Sunday, September 24, 1995 1:31AM

We have 2 computers, a Pentium 90 and 100, both with Cardinal 28.8 modems,
Diamond Stealth Video Cards, and Connectix Quickcams. We have downloaded
CU See Me software but now are confused. Do we now need to sign up for a
real internet provider like Pipleine USA or can we use AOL like we do now?
Also, I now have read that with Windows/Intel machines we can't get audio.
Is this still true? Also, can we just call each other up directly or must
we use the internet to call?