RE: Help with a FS-200 board

Barry L. Lankford (
Tue, 26 Sep 95 00:23:11 CDT

Ray Archee <> wrote:
>Hullo there,
>I have recently installed a Creative Labs FS-200 video board in my
>486DX4 PC.. I am running a Cirrus Logic VGA card and Windows 3.11..
>and Chameleon NFS 4.5
>When I run CU-SeeMe (latest version) I see the video send screen
>but it is full of noise (no pics at all).. I have changed all the
>possible settings to no avail.
>Has anyone else had these problems and how can I overcome them please?
>PS I have had video send working with a more expensive card the SE-100
>Ray Archee <> Lecturer

I finally got one of these boards working on a friend's system. First I
had to manually install the windows drivers as the installation program did
not do that. I still didn't get video in CUSM although CUSM did bring up
the local video window with a bunch of vertical bars. Creative Labs tech
support wasn't much help until I installed the Video for Windows software
and determined that the video capture program with VfW (vidcap?) also did
not show video. They didn't understand CUSM at all, but when I told them
that the software that *they* provided did not work, they came up with the
fix. It turned out to be something that I needed to add to an .INI file,
but unfortunately I can't recall just what it was at the moment. I had the
feeling that what I had to add was specific to the graphics board in the
system, a Diamond Stealth 24. I may be able to check his system and find
out what I added and to which .INI file.

So, the things you should check are:
1. Are the Windows video drivers installed? I think that there were
2 or 3 of them, and you have to manually install them using the
drivers applet in the Windows Control Panel.
2. Did you setup CUSM for 8 bit palletized mode?
3. Did you install the vidcap program and did you get video in it.
NOTE: vidcap is NOT either of the two programs ("setup" and "toolkit")
that the video blaster installation program places in the FS200
window. Neither of these programs use the Windows video drivers as
CUSM must do. Vidcap is installed by the Video for Windows
4. Are you running Windows in the 640 X 480 X 256 colors mode?

If the answers to all these are "yes" and you still have problems with CUSM,
e-mail me and I'll try to find out what I added to the .INI file, but I
think at that point you'd be better off calling tech support.

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