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Halvor Kise jr. (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 09:05:53 +0100 (MET)

Hello Alex,

Maybye you should try a reflector that always is running. I live in
Norway so I seldom use the reflectors in Australia. :-)
But there are some reflectors in Australia as well. Here are a list of
them. (Paste right into your Nickname-file..)
alias (Australia) Adelaide s r
alias (Australia) Geko s r
alias (Australia) Murdoch Univ s r
alias (Australia) Psy s r
alias (Australia) RMIT s r
alias (Australia) Univ of Melbourne s r
alias (Australia) Univ Queensland s r

Hope this helps..

- Halvor.

On Tue, 26 Sep 1995, Alex Glusman wrote:

> I'm trying to get started with CU-SeeMe with my modest configuration to see
> if it is worthwhile investing all the money required to do a full
> video/audio transmission. I'm running CU-SeeMe version W0.70b1 and using a
> Pentium 90 with SoundBlaster 16, a microphone, a 14.4Kbps modem (I'll get a
> 28.8 this week, I promise) but no video capture card or camera yet. I've
> been trying to contact a reflector in the "CU-SeeMe Event Guide - Reflector
> List" at, using their Go
> CU-SeeMe Go! utility version 1.5 or just typing the IP address in the
> Conference/Connect menu in CU-SeeME or just using the ones already defined
> there. All attempts gave me a "No response from ...(whoever)". How can I
> test-drive this with a tad more success? How can I make sure which is my IP
> address? I'd love to use CU-SeeMe to contact my family and friends in
> Argentina. Can anybody help? Sorry for the long message and the basic
> questions but after reading all the .TXT and .HLP files I couldn't find an
> answer.
> Thanx
> Alex, from Down Under

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