Re: DNS problem

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 09:16:37 +0100

Dear ????,
Which winsock do you use? most (?) Winsocks have a HOST file which
allows you to to define a name for an IP number. Some users have to define
every possible dialup IP number which they might receive.

>Hi anybody,
> I've been trying to use CU-SeeMe for over 2 months and have not
>achieved anything except getting a Gethostname error everytime I run the
>Cuseeme.exe file. Anyone out there pls help. My configuration is:
> 486DX @ 33MHz
> 16M RAM
> FSV200 Video Blaster
> D-Link Network card
>It seems that the DNS (domain name server) over my side does not provide
>an entry for the corresponding IP address of my machine. Thus I'm looking
>into the Mac version which seems to bypass the need of getting a
>hostname. However, I'm not at all familiar with Mac platform. What are the
>hardware and software aspects(requirements)of the CU-SeeMe for Mac. Could
>any wizards out there help with the above mentioned problems(on the PC
>first) then perhaps if nothing seems to work then we'll consider the Mac
>version. Thanks a million!!!
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