Connectix Quickcam

Tue, 26 Sep 1995 08:53:09 -0400

Connectix Quickcam

Okay... I've been reading and learning for roughly 2 weeks on this list. I run a Windows based machine and am
dying to get the low cost Connectix Quickcam. I called Connectix and they haven't released them for Windows
machines, yet. They referred me to PC Connection and I placed a back order to be shipped out sometime after next
week (once they get their order from Connectix).

I have read postings from people with Pentium 75's, Pentium 100's, etc. asking for help configuring their Connectix
Quickcams! Where are these people getting these Quickcams from if Connectix hasn't shipped any for Windows
machines, yet? Maybe they work at Connectix and have some type of pre-release versions??? ...but that wouldn't
make much sense because who could possibly know more about the cameras than the manufacturer?

Any responses are welcome.

FYI - Since I didn't find any phone #'s here, maybe this will help:

Connectix (manufacturer of Quickcams) 800-950-5880
PC Connection (taking orders for Quickcams) 800-800-1111
Cost of Quickcam (for Windows machines) ~$100.00 US

Connectix does not sell the Quickcams directly so you have to purchase them through another channel.


Paul Sliwa
Multimedia Innovations
AT&T Paradyne