Re: Connectix Quickcam for Windows

Larry Chace (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 11:01:53 -0400

Many folks have recently posted with comments and questions about the
Connectix "QuickCam for Windows". Some may have missed a comment last week
from Dave Bundy <> of White Pine Software.

Dave said that:

(1) the camera was still in beta-test and had not yet been released.
(2) CU-SeeMe needs to be modified in order to use the QuickCam for Windows.

The basic problem appears to be that CU-SeeMe wants 4-bit video data and
the QuickCam provides 4-bit or 6-bit, but the bits are in a different
arrangement. In some cases, enough bits "overlap" to provide a crude
image, but it is not an acceptable image.

Remember, these comments apply to the Windows versions of CU-SeeMe and the
Quickcam. At present, the current version of CU-SeeMe for Windows is

Larry Chace (