Howard Miller (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 12:56:43

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Subject: Re: Anyone using a latpop?

>I have been spending weeks trying to find a PCMCIA video
> capture
>card for my toshiba notebook. Of course it would be nice to
> use
>it with my Desktop as well.

I don't have a video card for my laptop yet. I know
Microwarehouse offers one in their catalog (they have a Web
Page, too) for just over $300.00.

You can get a PCMCIA interface for a desktop. It goes into a
drive bay and has an interface card that plugs into a
motherboard slot. The ones I've seen run around $150.00.
There's a 'thing' called the Snappy, but it's strictly a video
frame grabber. They also have a web page, but it doesn't look
like it could be used with CUSeeMe.