Pl. help!! to setup CUSeeMe at my Mac.

Pratap (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 11:41:31 +0530


Sorry if I am misusing this space. Found no other way to do it. I
have atleast tried to set up CU-See me on my Macintosh atleast 20 times.
Could never succede to send Video, can only receive audio and video, but
very slow. If there is anybody who wants to help me, please send a mail to
either my address ( or to this list. Here are the
details about my machine.

Macintosh Quadra 700, Got 124KB line, Connectrix camera and VDIG extension
for video digitizer. Quick Time 2.0 and Mac TCP 2.0.4 are also there.

--- I guess there must be some hardware missing on my macintosh. (!!! very
poor guess...isn't it).


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