Wed, 27 Sep 95 16:57:28 EDT

We are going to improve on the broadcasting of the Keynote addresses on
Thursday 28'th.

Connect in and Watch from a White Pine Reflector ( from
9:00 am to 10:00 am and 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm. We will have two video
streams, one for the main keynote feed viewing the speaker and the
another viewing his slides, it should be cool.

We also have gotten the MBONE kinks out and NV/VAT users will see this as well.

So tell your friends and spread the news, watch the show. Jim Allchin,
Senior VP from Microsoft, will be talking at 9:00 am EST and Carl
Malamud from Internet Multicasting Service will be talking at 12:15 pm

For more info connect to:


You can also find info by browsing the Interop Online Web pages in
Atlanta by registering (for free) from the web:

Register if you already haven't and select "Enter N+I Online!" with
your name and password. On the main page select the Highlights Link and
look for information about the keynote and CU-SeeMe broadcast.

Dave Bundy
White Pine Software