Connection problems with Mac 5200 and LCIII

Matthew Johnson (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 16:13:00 -0500

I am attempting to connect with my girlfriend.

She has: LCIII
Apple mono aural microphone
10base-T connection
System 7.1 P( I think, it is the performa version)
The CU-See version .80b2
Ram Doubler 4mb physical ram
Sound Manager 3.0
QuickTime 2.0

I have: 5200/75 LC
Built in microphone
10base-T connection
Connectix Quick Cam
System 7.5.1 with many extensions
The CU-See version .83b2
Ram Doubler with 24mb Physical
Sound Manager 3.0
QuickTime 2.1

When we connected, she received broken inaudible audio. She got a bad
picture also. Her push to talk button was greyed out and could not use it.
In her sound control panel, built in audio was selected. What gives? Why
can she not send sound? I have been listening to this list for a while and
I do not think I have left something unchecked.

Matthew Johnson

PS I think we should agree on a fourth and fifth popular reflectors. I
seem to only see people on NYSERnet and Cornell. I guess White Pines is
also popular. Many times there are too many people on to connect to these
sites and about thirty others with NO people at all. Many are starting to
mention be kind to the internet, let us spread around the damage and use
more sites.


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