840AV Mac and CUSeeMe troubles

Molly Baker (m-baker@bgu.edu)
Thu, 28 Sep 95 01:24:29 0600

I am having troubles getting the 83b version of CUSeeMe to work on my
Mac 840AV with 16 MB of RAM. I had been using vers. 80b with success.
Several weeks ago I began experiencing the inability to use it because
of "SPBDevice" error messages. SO...I trashed the copy, downloaded the
newer 83b version and tried again. It insists it cannot find any sound
input devices. I have been able to use CUSeeMe to connect with video and
I can hear the other party, but I must use the typing talk window
because I cannot send any audio. I asked a technician on our campus to
see if he could solve the problem. He determined that my AV Mac IS
receiving sound into the microphone with other applications, so it does
not appear to be a hardware/system problem. He upgraded my system from
7.1 to 7.5 to see if that would help--no go! If any of you have any
suggestions, please help me out! You may send ideas to my email address
below. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Molly Herman Baker, Ph.D.
Western Illinois University
Faculty Instructional Development Lab